Our poured resin flooring solutions are stylish, seamless and designed for contemporary lifestyle in any home or commercial setting.

Poured resin to gives a resilient, sound dampening, seamless poured floor.

Whether it is within the home or a smart commercial environment, this material is both beautiful to the eye and durable. The smooth finish ensures that it is easy to clean.

Luxury poured resin

Our poured resin flooring is blended and applied by skilled craftsmen with years of experience creating luxury poured resin flooring finishes. We produce seamless, waterproof, hypoallergenic, modern poured flooring.

Our resin flooring is an aliphatic polyurethane, and although this may not mean that much to you, practically speaking, it ensures your luxury poured flooring is UV resistant, flexible and very durable. It is also comfortable underfoot and available in any colour.

Resin flooring is resilient and can also have a fusion of two colours to create a natural flowing effect that gives a unique signature to every floor.

All of our poured resin flooring systems can take advantage of a rubber crumb comfort underlay to provide acoustic and ergonomic benefits.


Your choice, every time.

The choice of colours, the contrast between these colours, the variation and subtlety of pattern is different every time and this allows our craftsmen to create a totally unique, individual piece of flooring for your enjoyment.

Is resin right for you?

All of our poured resin flooring is compatible with underfloor heating.

For further information about contemporary poured resin flooring, or to speak to one of our experienced team about how luxury poured resin flooring can provide a stylish alternative to polished concrete floors.